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Ruukinmylly summer theatre

“Keihäsmatkat”, a comedy in Finnish
from June 17th until July 15th 2017.

Fabulous summer theatre in a fantastic iron works environment on the banks of the river Kymijoki. In addition to the summer theatre the area boasts food restaurants; there are also summer terraces and cafés, as well as a number of handicraft shops and museums. You can spend the night in idyllic vacation apartments at the core of the Strömfors Iron Works in Loviisa, Finland.

Remember to buy advance tickets so that you won't be left outside the gates.

For groups there are versatile packets combining the summer theatre, the Strömfors Iron Works area, activities, experiences and enjoyment. See our website for more information.

Restaurant Ruukinmylly
Ruukintie 15
07970 Ruotsinpyhtää
Loviisa, Finland
The summer theatre area is on the lower yard of the restaurant.

Advance purchase of tickets on the internet:

Ruukinmyllyn kesäteatteri

Ruukintie 15, 07970 Ruotsinpyhtää
Ruukinmylly summer theatre