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Nature experiences and exercising

The varying terrain in the natural splendour of Loviisa offer excellent possibilities for exercising all year. The magnificent marshlands, high cliffs and spectacular forests with their cosy rest areas enable a fun day trip for both smaller and larger parties. You can also take a day trip to one of the many beaches in Loviisa, and in Ruotsinpyhtää you can try out rock climbing at the largest outdoor climbing centre in Finland!

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Ehrensvärd’s trail

If you are interested in history, then you should take a quick nature trip along Ehrensvärd’s trail, which starts at the fortresses Rosen and Ungern. On this nature trail of about two kilometres you can learn of the different stages of the building of the fortresses all the way from the rock hewing to a fortress of the 18th century, as well as of the plant and bird life typical of the area. The length of the trail is two kilometres. The trail is a forest path between points 1 and 4; from the information sign 4 onwards you can walk the trail for instance with a pram. Map is here: (click "Ehrensvärdsstigen").

Kukuljärvi hiking trail

The Kukuljärvi hiking trail begins at the sports centre at Ruotsinpyhtää centre. The trail is about eight kilometres long and passes cliffs and marshes. You can swim at Lake Kukuljärvi, as well as grill sausages at the lean-to shelter. Map  is here: (click "Skukulträskets vandringsrutt").

Kalle’s track

Enjoy the versatile terrain along Kalle’s track in Liljendal. The hiking trail of 11.5 km starts at Kirkkotie in Sävträsk. In winter you can tackle Kalle’s track by cross-country skiing. Further information: Benny Strömberg, tel. +358 500 214 973. Map is here: (click "Kallesrundan"):

The Harmaakallio exercise trail and ski track

A three kilometre long lighted exercise trail and ski track starts in Harmaakallio. From the exercise trail there is also a connecting trail of about seven kilometres to Valko. The road to the Harmaakallio exercise trail and ski track begins at Valkontie about 250 metres from the crossing of Valkontie and Helsingintie.

Valko exercise trail and ski track

A lighted exercise trail and ski track of either 1.2 kilometres or 3 kilometres starts in Valko. From the exercise trail there is also a connecting trail of about seven kilometres to Harmaakallio. You can also continue further from the Valko exercise trail and ski track to the Korsvik exercise trail and ski track. The Valko exercise trail and ski track starts at Fantsnäsintie.

The exercise trail and ski track at the Sports Pavilion

A lighted exercise trail and ski track of 1.2, 3 or 5 kilometres and unlighted of 7.5 or 10 kilometres starts at the Loviisa Sports Pavilion (=urheilupaviljonki), Urheilutie.

Myllyharju exercise trails

You can choose among several exercise trails at Myllyharju in Loviisa. You get to the exercise trails for example from Loviisa Church or Itäinen Harjutie. The largest exercise trails are lighted. Along the Myllyharju exercise trail there is also an observation tower called Kukkukivi, from where you can see far out to sea.

The Flokomkärret trail

There is an exercise trail and ski track going around Flokomkärret. You get to the Flokomkärret trail from the Sports Pavilion exercise trail.

Sävträsk exercise trail and ski track

The Sävträsk lighted exercise trail and ski track is 1.5 kilometres long. It starts at Kirkkotie.

Andersby ski track

The Andersby lighted ski track is on 2 kilometres long. You get to the ski track from the address Järvitie 35

Koskenkylä ski track

The Koskenkylä lighted ski track is 1.8 kilometres long. You get to the ski track from the address Forsöntie 3.

Torsby ski track

The Torsby ski track in Pernaja centre has one lighted track of 1.4 kilometres and an unlighted of 4.5 kilometres. You get to the ski track from the address Pernajantie 184.

Isnäs ski track

The Isnäs lighted ski track is on 2 kilometres long. You get to the ski track from the address Isnäsintie 12

The exercise track at Ruotsinpyhtää centre

The lighted exercise track at Ruotsinpyhtää centre is three kilometres long. You can ski cross country along the exercise track in winter, either the three kilometre long lighted route or an unlighted one of 10 kilometres.

Ruotsinkylä exercise track

There is a lighted 1.7 kilometre and an ulighted 2.8 kilometre exercise track in Ruotsinkylä. Owner: Ruotsinpyhtään Kisailijat.

Tesjoki ski track

There is a connecting ski track from Tesjoki to the Sports Pavilion ski tracks.


You can play frisbee golf to the south of the town centre.
An 18-hole frisbee golf oasis is located at the Valko sand ridge; the route takes you through the forest and across the beautiful hilly and rugged landscape of the sandy ridge. Adress: Hiekkaharjuntie 45, Valko, 07910 Loviisa


There are several beautiful places to swim in Loviisa. Which might be your favourite?

  • Plagen, at the address Kapteenintie, Loviisa. At Plagen you can also do outdoor winter swimming!
  • Taikaranta, at the address Taikarannantie (Lake Hopjärvi), Sävträsk, Liljendal
  • Valko beach, signs from Saukkolahdentie and Kalevantie
  • Kiramo, Kiramontie, Ruotsinpyhtää centre
  • Särkjärvi eteläinen, at the address Särkjärventie, Tesjoki
  • Särkjärvi pohjoinen, at the address Kesärannantie, Petjärvi
  • Rönnäs, at the address Museotie, Isnäs
  • Kukuljärvi, at the address Stormossantie, Ruotsinpyhtää
  • Bäston, at the address Björkholmantie, Pernaja centre
  • Koskenkylä, at the address Staffaksentie, Pernaja
  • Riissalmi, at the address Riissalmentie, Niemistö
  • Backsten beach, Pernaja centre (maintained by Pernaja Parish)


It is nice to get to know Loviisa from the saddle of a bicycle. Mount up and bike for instance to the beautiful harbour village Valko, the historic Strömfors Iron Works or idyllic Pernaja.
Bicycles are for hire at the following places in Loviisa:

  • the marina information at Laivasilta (during summers), Laivasilta, 07900 Loviisa, tel. +358 440 555 883
  • Sunny Bikes, Hotel Degerby, Brandensteininkatu 17, 07900 Loviisa, tel. +358 19 505 61
  • Polkupyörähuolto Sep-Service, Porvoonkatu 30, 07900 Loviisa, tel. +358 19 532 192


You can play tennis at the tennis courts next to the Plagen beach in the centre of Loviisa at the address Kapteenintie. Further information tel. +358 19 532 877.


You can play golf at the maritime milieu of Rönnäs Golf. The 27-hole course at Rönnäs is numbered among the top 10 in Finland. Further information at the address and

Parks for outdoor activities

Liljendal outdoor activities park

At the Liljendal outdoor activities park there are exercise equipment, a pétanque course and a barbeque shelter at the address Bäckasinkuja 1, 07880 Loviisa.


You can play volleyball at three locations in Loviisa:

  • at Plagen beach, Kapteenintie, in Loviisa centre
  • in Koskenkylä, at the address Staffaksentie 20
  • in Pernaja centre, at the address Björkholmantie 20.

Ice hockey

You can play ice hockey at the following rinks in Loviisa:

  • the sports field at the Swedish school centre, at the address Vanha Ranta
  • in Valko, at the address Luotsintie
  • in Liljendal, at the address Kartanontie 29
  • in Koskenkylä, at the address Kullbyntie 3
  • in Torsby (Pernaja centre), at the address Pernajantie 184
  • in Isnäs, at the address Isnäsintie 12
  • in Haddom, at the address Haddomintie 19
  • in Tavastby, at the address Paavalinkyläntie 679
  • in Tesjoki, at the address Kenttätie
  • in Ruotsinpyhtää centre, at the address Puistokuja 1
  • in Kuninkaankylä, at the address Elimäentie 1284.


The association Kotkan kiipeilyseura ry arranges rock climbing activities at Haukkakallio and Huuhkajavuori in Ruotsinpyhtää in Loviisa. The cliffs maintained by Kotkan kiipeilyseura ry constitute the largest outdoor climbing centre in Finland. The association arranges climbing events and courses. Both of Loviisa’s climbing rocks are located in Ruotsinpyhtää: Huuhkajavuori, which is near the Kukuljärvi recreation area and Haukkakallio, which is close to the sandy beach of Särkjärvi.

The Huuhkajavuori climbing routes have upper anchors and most of the routes are bolted. The routes are short, but you may find some of them challenging. The other climbing area, Haukkakallio, is located approximately three kilometres from Huuhkajavuori. It is a large uniform cliff which offers 105 routes.

Further information: (in Finnish only).

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