What's happening in Loviisa 2019

Events in Loviisa in 2019:

1 May May Day celebration at Laivasilta

26 May, 2 & 9 Jun, 6–7 Jul Open Gardens in Loviisa

7–9 Jun Rootsinpyhtää Bluegrass & Rendezvous

14–16 June Liljendal Days

22 June Loviisa Midsummer Games 2019
March from the Market Square at 12 noon
Highland Games at the Bastion Ungern at 2 p.m. Free entrance!

4–7 July TransFolk Kucku Final Destination  

6 July Rose Wedding at the Loviisa Church

6–7 July The King Comes to Loviisa

20 July Small Ships’ Race boat festival at the Laivasilta Marina

6 Aug Loviisa Peace Forum

24–25 Aug Historical Houses of Loviisa – Traditional Finnish Building and Renovation Days
4–8 Sept. The Loviisa Sibelius Festival

7–8 and 14–15 Dec. Loviisa Christmas and the Traditional Christmas Homes

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