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Cafè Saltbodan

Open summertime.
The dining room at Saltbodan offers a cosy environment for dining. The lunch menu offers courses of the day and a few courses that have become permanent favourites, such as the famous salmon soup of Saltbodan. The À la carte menu offers seafood, meat and vegetarian courses outside lunch hours. The house bread crowns the rich salad bar. Together with your food you can enjoy for instance a glass of organic wine from the carefully selected wine list. In addition to the dining room you can also enjoy your meal on the partly covered terrace.
If your sweet tooth surprises you, then the café can offer you together with fresh coffee delicious pastries, on location made buns and Danish pastries. The house pasties or soups are perfect for a smaller hunger. You can choose the drink of your liking from our maritime bar and enjoy it on our spacious summer terrace. The terrace is a popular meeting place, where you can raise your glass both to friends and those you do not know. Children and pets also feel at home among the bigger folk at our terrace. The neighbouring salt warehouses are in active use and the atmosphere reflects both the contemporary lifestyle and the breath of history. In addition, there is in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant a children’s playground, where the children can enjoy the sweet moments of summer.
Gallery Saltbodan, located next to the restaurant, boasts an exhibition that is changed once per month. The gallery was established in 1987 and over the years it has seen exhibitions of both domestic and international artists. The gallery is open for the public from mid-May to the turn of August and September.
You can participate in many of the summer events at Laivasilta. The area has become one of the most popular tourist attractions of Loviisa. In addition to the summer events, you can among other things become acquainted with the history of shipping at the Maritime Museum of Loviisa or visit the sea fortress island of Svartholma. The guest harbour provides boaters a pleasant environment in the proximity of the services of the town.

Café Saltbodan

Laivasilta 4, 07900 Loviisa
+358 (0) 19 532 572

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Cafè Saltbodan