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Laivasilta area in Loviisa – the heart of Loviisa city

The red salt warehouses, which have been turned into restaurants or spaces that host art exhibitions and shops, give Laivasilta its historical atmosphere. At the Laivasilta restaurants, you can sit down to a full meal or enjoy some snacks. The restaurants are open from May 1st until the end of September and there are events almost weekly.

A lot of events take place in the Laivasilta area throughout the year, for example the Midsummer party, boating and rowing competitions, the biggest one is Small Ships’ Race, the Night of the Ancient Fires and the Christmas market.

Today Laivasilta is a guest harbour and the home harbour for the packet yacht Österstjernan. Cruises to the sea fortress Svartholma departs from Laivasilta during the summer. Cruises with m/s J. L. Runeberg arrive from Helsinki to Laivasilta in summer.

The sea has affected the history and trade of this port town, as well as the income of its citizens. In 1745 the town was granted license to export and import goods. Laivasilta had 50 salt warehouses loaded with imported goods, such as salt, tobacco, spices etc.

Services in the Laivasilta area 2018

Maritime Museum
The Maritime Museum has collections and exhibitions related to the town's seafaring history. One of the museum's pearls is the saloon of the steamboat s/s Virgo.
The special exhibition in the summer of 2018 "Loviisa seafaring under the Finnish flag", presents images, objects and stories related to the traditional seafaring in the region.
There is a small shop called Kesäkipparit in the museum.
The museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays from May 19th 2018, and on advance booking during weekdays;
from June 2nd until September 2nd 2018 on Mondays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Entrance 3 € /adults, children under 12 for free.
Tel. +358 400 832 863


aboard Österstjernan
The splendid Österstjernan packet yacht is a replica of a sailing ship, which sailed between Loviisa and Stockholm in the 19th century.
There are Sailing Trips for public in the summer.
Advance booking needed for all cruises! Charter cruises for groups on request. Reservations are necessary even for the visitors' cruises.
Book your cruise via e-mail
More information tel. +358 44 720 3588.
More about the Österstjernan or click here for further information.

or the m/s J.L. Runeberg
Cruises with the m/s J. L Runeberg ship from Helsinki to Loviisa on Thursdays in July 2018.
Departure from the Market Square in Helsinki at 10.00 am, return from Loviisa at 5.30 pm.
Return ticket for adults 55 €, children (age 7-16) 29 €, seniors 49 €.
Reservation and further information:
Shipowners Co J.L. Runeberg
Tel. +358 19 524 3331,

Cruises to Svartholma Sea Fortress
leave from Laivasilta in summers. Click here for further information.

Guided Walking Tours
Guided walking tours in Finnish and Swedish, starting from Laivasilta near the m/s J.L. Runeberg ship on Thursdays in July at 4 p.m. Price 6 €/person.
Guided city tour is free for the m/s J.L. Runeberg cruise line passangers.
More information: Loviisa Tourist Office, tel. +358 40 555 3387,
Guided tours in English by booking in advance: Porvoo Tours or the association of Loviisa Guides.

Salt Ware Houses
The old salt warehouses host galleries and shops that are open in summer.
Gallery Saltbodan Open during the Café-Restaurant Saltbodan's opening hours, tel. +358 40 504 5051
Gallery of the Classical Boats' Association
Karamaloo, clothes and accessories from Africa, tel. +358 44 3727 447,

Other sights in the Rantapuisto park
The Tugboat Onni is on display nearby the Maritime Museum. It is about 100 years old.
Stone Labyrinth was built in the Laivasilta Park in summer 2004. The model is from the island of Mustaviiri in Pyhtää.
Rock park i.e. sculptor Taisto Huttunen’s piece of environmental art can be seen here.
Playground accessible for disabled persons. The playhouse in the playground was inspired by an immensely popular children’s movies about the girls Jill and Joy. The movies were filmed in Loviisa in 2013-2016.

The restaurants in the red salt warehouses are open in summers or by request.
Café-Restaurant Saltbodan
Laivasilta 4, 07900 Loviisa, tel.  +358 40 504 5051
Café-Restaurant Laivasilta
Laivasilta 11, 07900 Loviisa, tel. +358 19 530 112,
Bistro Cantor & Beer and Wine House Ölvin
Mariankatu 1 / Rantatie 44, 07900 Loviisa,

Dance Pavilion
The Dance Pavilion can be rented for outdoor events at Laivasilta.
Bookings and enquiries: Laivasilta Harbour Information, tel. +358 440 555 883

Events at Laivasilta 2018
June 22 Midsummer Dance
June 23 Loviisa Midsummer Games about 3 p.m.
July 7  The One O'clock Signal given by the association Good Citizens of Loviisa with an 18th century cannon at 1.00 pm
July 21- 22 Small Ships' Race - boat festival
August 25 The Night of the Ancient Fires
August 25 - 26 Laivasilta Market
December 1 Christmas Market at Laivasilta

Laivasilta Marina
The Laivasilta Marina has won numerous awards. It has 60 berths for visiting boats and full service with water, electricity, a fuel station, bicycle rental, a septic tank exhauster and a waste point.
Lovisa guest harbour got a new service house for guest harbour visitors in May 2012. In the lounge there are saunas, showers and laundry room.
In the area there are toilets, a children's playground, a sauna, a telephone, post box and an internet connection.
The marina is open June 1st - August 31st.
Laivasilta Marina Info tel. +358 440 555 883
For more information on Laivasilta Marina and boating in Loviisa, click here.

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Loviisan Laivasilta

Laivasilta, 07900 Loviisa
+358 40 555 3387,
Laivasilta area in Loviisa – the heart of Loviisa city